1. Why 21 trillion $WAGMI?

The $wagmi supply wasn’t randomly chosen.

It’s a wink to the foundations of the crypto space (21 Bitcoin), the memecoin culture (trillionaire supplies) and the current USD in circulation (21 trillion by the time $wagmi was born).


2. $Wagmi use cases

  • It’s an efficient cryptocurrency. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, $wagmi can be used to move value in an efficient, safe and decentralized way.
  • It’s scarce. Along with its utility, its scarcity can make it a good SoV. Fixed supply + growing demand = higher value.
  • Safe haven against fiat printing. While all mayor nations are printing fiat out of thin air devaluing their currencies, $wagmi won’t ever have more than 21 trillion digital coins.
  • Access to digital identity within the community. The project spins around the community. We’ll be releasing official and scarce digital identities (NFTs) for wagmiers that will be auctioned in $wagmi.
  • Access to exclusive benefits for $wagmi holders.
  • Fair and predictable digital currency. It’s only a matter of time till atomic swaps become a part of our daily payments. So we’ll be able to pay/charge in digital stocks, memecoins, digital gold derivatives or whatever thing we tokenize. $Wagmi could become part of this future.